Sunday, September 1, 2013

Honestly...where is the honesty?

Maybe it is my morals and ethics, which like everyone goes into a gray area now and then. And we all have had a person or persons who have been dishonest in our lives. When this happens I always wonder why someone would choose to lie over being honest. What are their motives? Are they lying because they don't want to hurt you? That doesn't make sense because eventually the truth will be discovered and you are hurt ten times more. Are they lying because they just cannot deal with telling the truth? I think this is a more accurate revelation. Unfortunately, this also just causes more turmoil and more confusion. I recently was lied point blank in the face by someone I never expected to do so. So instead of focusing on the lie itself, I came to realize that I had clearly misread this person as being trustworthy. The lesson for me was knowing that and with that knowledge came the wisdom that this person was not the type of person I could ever fully trust again. This was incredibly difficult for me as then I started to question everything this person had ever said to me. And eventually the person discovered that I knew the truth all along, and then didn't even try to apologize or reason with me. That made me realize that this person could no longer be in my life. Even though being honest can be scary, it is always the way to go. Someone will probably always get hurt, but as time goes by they will respect you more for being truthful. The truth may hurt temporarily, but lies are forever. And that's the truth...Keep Smiling! :)


  1. I've found some struggle with the realities of the truth. Making up stories is easier. It helps them live the lives they want, rather than the lives they have. It comes from a deep insecurity within them and really has nothing to do with the audience who may (or likely not) be buying the story.

  2. Kelli you have brought light to this dark subject...I get it now! I still don't like it, but I get it.