Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh no she didn’t…

The frenzy over Paula Dean’s admittance to using a racial slur got me thinking. Growing up in sixties and seventies, I think a lot of us were subjected to our elders making some off color joke remark about pretty much anything. Having said that, I feel that with the world the way it is nowadays that really shouldn’t exist anymore but clearly it still does. Most recently someone on Facebook commented that the world is too sensitive? I don’t happen to agree with that statement. Why is it considered okay by some to belittle or make fun of someone’s race, gender, religion, nationality, hair color, sexual preference…I could go on and on…and consider it a “joke”? The only problem with those “jokes” is that they are always at someone’s expense. One has to wonder what level of low self-esteem someone has to think that type of joking is okay when realistically it is basically a verbal slap in the face. I can only imagine how bad these joke-sters really feel inside that they have to make fun of others in order to feel better themselves. Laughing at yourself is one thing, but laughing at others is just a form of bullying. Growing up in a Polish family, I cannot tell you how many times people felt obligated to say a Polish joke around me. Oh did I mention that my hair was blonde when I was younger, well then along came the blonde jokes too. And then when I felt offended was told to “lighten up”! Well I did lighten up, I chose to promote kindness instead. It’s too heavy a load to bear to think that you make other people feel badly and feel no shame for it. I am proud of the fact that my husband and I raised our daughter to be accepting of everyone’s differences and embrace them rather than criticize them. Getting back to Paula Dean, whether it was a one time use of a racial slur or something she is trying to say falls under the umbrella of being “southern”, she was irresponsible. When you become a celebrity and spokesperson of not only a television network but name brand companies including your own, there is responsibility that goes along with it. Of course we can forgive and forget, but let this be a lesson to all of us. Whether we are in the limelight, in our little hometowns or with family and friends, use your words wisely and if you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all! Imagine what would happen if we replaced those “jokes” with words of kindness. Hmmm…now there is a thought! Keep Smiling! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Taprooting positivity

Taproot by definition is about going deep and creating a strong root by which other roots develop and branch outward. Dandelions are plants that taproot. I think this is a great exercise to do with our soul. Sometimes in our lives there are circumstances that make us feel overwhelmed and lost, not sure which direction to go in. Sometimes all it takes is to stop, be still and let the positive take root. Soon you will notice that what used to bother you has taken on a different appearance. You will be calmer and more at peace. You will begin to attract positive people and situations to you. Just like a field of dandelions, the positivity will flourish. Do you remember as a child blowing the seeds off a dandelion and watching them fly away. I read once where it is folklore that the seeds of a dandelion send your hopes and dreams to your loved one. Be strong and determined like the dandelion and taproot your soul. Spread the positive vibe! Keep Smiling! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mirroring the real me

Did you ever notice that as we evolve and grow that there are some folks in our lives who still see us a certain way? It’s as though whatever memory they have of us is stuck like a needle on a record player (yes I am aging myself here). Then when you get together with this person you realize they don’t really know the real you. I have had this happen over and over again with family members and friends. I find it frustrating but also challenging because it usually gives me the opportunity to take a look inside and see what I am really showing the world. I have read that what you are shown is a mirror of what you are truly doing, feeling or showing. Now that is a scary thought isn't it? Just think now about the folks who rub you the wrong way or are downright nasty. Could it be that something we are afraid of or that we are putting out there in the universe is coming back to us in some weird cosmic way? Nevertheless, as I continue to get through the process of losing a loved one, I am left with these thoughts. What kind of legacy will I leave behind? How will I be remembered? I hope that with each passing day I choose to live as authentically as I can, so that one day folks will say “she was kind and understanding”. Sounds like a plan! Keep Smiling! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Retraining my inner voice

Lately, I find myself surrounded by a great group of positive influential women. Through them and their positivity I have learned to retrain my inner voice. You know what I mean...That little voice that makes you fear and question every decision you make. Yes that one. For years that voice filled me with fear and anxiety. Worrying that I would not succeed at a goal I set, so I stopped setting goals. Worrying about what people would think about me, so I wrapped myself in a cocoon. The only problem was that I was stuck in that cocoon with that little voice-eek! What I have been learning all along, but finally stopped for a moment to discover is that you truly do attract what you put out in the universe. So if you are feeling negative and worrisome, guess what happens...the universe sends toxic folks your way and gives you things to worry about. If you let fear stop you, guess what stop. So why could not the opposite be true. If you start each day with positive thoughts and share them with others, then you attract positive things. If you set small goals and succeed, you change and evolve. I no longer feel like I am in a prison that I myself created. I feel free and I feel like I have a lot to offer the world in terms of friendship, support and understanding. I feel like I can set a goal and follow through and succeed. I don't know why it took me so long to get here, but I am finally here and that inner voice is now singing...loudly! Keep Smiling! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

This is just temporary...

Have you heard the Carrie Underwood song called "Temporary Home" The chorus goes... This is our temporary home, it's not where we belong Windows and rooms that we're passing through This is just a stop on the way to where we're going I'm not afraid because I know This is our temporary home I was thinking about this while at the dentist. My dentist was asking me about how I have been doing since my mom passed. We got into the conversation about how amazing it is that this life is just a temporary stop on our journey. But in the mean time, she said take care of your teeth, so I had to get my tooth I then thought about how we will leave our temporary home. I equate it to how people go to the beach or a wherever you have been for a day and how you leave it. Do you leave your trash everywhere for someone to deal with or do you straighten everything before you go so that it almost looks like no one has been you take a souvenir with you take notice of those around you? This really creates a balancing act doesn't it? We walk the fine line of wanting to leave an impression on earth before we go to heaven, but certainly do not want to leave our lives in utter chaos for those left behind or worse leave it without anyone knowing we were even here. Everyday is an opportunity to leave your mark on the Earth. How will you leave your mark today? Keep Smiling! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A bend in my road...

Today's post reminds me of a song by Green Day. The opening lines are: Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go So make the best of this test, and don't ask why It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life. I am at a turning point, a crossroad so to speak. For the last two years, I have worked two jobs, a part-time one being at an assisted living facility that also has a wing for Alzheimer's residents. I have been there for a few years and have learned so much about the end of life process. It is equally as important as the beginning of life entry of birth. I have learned about the different types of dementia and working with the elderly. All of this compiled with developing relationships with family members and staff has given me so many opportunities and lessons in life. As enlightening as the experience has been, sometimes we also need to listen to our inner voice or spirit guides who tell us that it is time to step away. That is what I am doing. I have been promoted at my primary full-time job and with that will come new responsibilities. I also have learned from my mother's death that time is precious and life is fleeting. I haven't had weekends off in over two years. I am going to take some time, re-acquaint myself with myself, my home and family. I will take time, be still and enjoy the small details of this trip around the sun. Looking forward to what new adventures lie ahead. I am taking a leap of faith and trusting my journey! Keep Smiling! :)