Monday, June 24, 2013

Taprooting positivity

Taproot by definition is about going deep and creating a strong root by which other roots develop and branch outward. Dandelions are plants that taproot. I think this is a great exercise to do with our soul. Sometimes in our lives there are circumstances that make us feel overwhelmed and lost, not sure which direction to go in. Sometimes all it takes is to stop, be still and let the positive take root. Soon you will notice that what used to bother you has taken on a different appearance. You will be calmer and more at peace. You will begin to attract positive people and situations to you. Just like a field of dandelions, the positivity will flourish. Do you remember as a child blowing the seeds off a dandelion and watching them fly away. I read once where it is folklore that the seeds of a dandelion send your hopes and dreams to your loved one. Be strong and determined like the dandelion and taproot your soul. Spread the positive vibe! Keep Smiling! :)

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