Thursday, August 29, 2013

Change is good...right?

Some people fear change. Usually, I tend to embrace it. Recent changes have knocked me for a loop and completely off guard. It’s when change creates an upheaval in your life and emotions that you never experienced seem to surface that I find most difficult. I start asking myself the “who, what, where, when and why” questions. And to be honest it has consumed me to the point where my OCD kicks in and then I “think, think, think”, then I “feel, feel, feel” and “cry, cry, cry”. I am trying to find the lesson in it all. I know that when a little bit of time passes, I will know that all of these changes are for the best and my faith in the universe will be restored. All in all, change is necessary to turn us in the direction we need to follow. Taking some deep breathes and hoping for the best. Keep Smiling!


  1. Sometimes smiling has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! <3 I LOVE that you write! Keep writing!!!!! <3

  2. I know but Keep Smiling is my closing on all my blog posts...its my smile darn't!