Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Friendship Puzzle

Life relationships are puzzling aren't they? Take friendships for instance. As life goes on and we form bonds with different people, we tend to move away from friends we had before. I think this is a necessary part of life as sometimes you become friends with someone due to circumstance. Maybe you met them in school, work or church. Maintaining these types of friendships becomes difficult when the dynamics of life change. Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of friends who I don’t see for long periods of time and when we finally reconnect it is as though no time has passed. Those are the lifelong friends with who I will always feel a connection. Then there are those people in your lives who no matter how hard you try to maintain the connection, you find that it not only got bent, but it actually broke. It's frustrating like having puzzle pieces that do not fit. You kind of have to ask yourself if they are not willing to meet you half way, perhaps that friendship has met its expiration date. That has been a personal struggle for me…still visiting the well when the well has run dry. But happily, when you are no longer wasting your time and energy on these so-called friends, it opens up the opportunity to find authentic friends. Friendship should never ever be difficult. If I feel like the relationship is forced, it is so not longer worth my effort. Real friends accept you and lift you up, not drag you around. They are there to celebrate the highs and to comfort you in the lows. If you have found real friends in life, it is like finding the puzzle pieces that fit and allow you to see the whole picture. Keep Smiling! :)