Friday, April 12, 2013

Birds, Flowers, Rain and Laughter

Today I started my day by being serenaded by the birds in the trees near my home. The combination of that and the somewhat gloomy rainy day made me smile. It may seem weird but I enjoy cloudy gloomy days and could certainly live in gloomy United Kingdom with no problem. I love sunny days too but they usually give me a headache. While I was backing out of my driveway I happened to notice one daffodil in my garden. It made me happy that Spring has finally sprung and gave me hope that we are now on our way to the season of nice weather. Laughter came while listening to my favorite radio station hosts tell a story that had me laughing the whole entire length of my commute to work. Yes I was the woman driving and laughing hysterically to myself. Its a good thing. Keep Smiling! :)

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