Monday, April 22, 2013

Create Positivity

Life is scary, messy and sometimes inconvenient. The older I get the more I realize it is all about being positive. Who you surround yourself with, eating good food, breathing deeply and even the music you listen to all affect your attitude. Every day when I leave to go to work, I make sure I look up at the sky, hear the sounds of the birds and notice nature. I listen to my favorite music mix in the car which helps any road rage that might creep up on me. I surround myself not with expensive things but things that mean a lot to me. Pretty note paper, colorful pens, stones and seashells from the sea. I make an effort to be positive and ride the waves instead of drowning in bad feelings. I know that for some this is easier said than done, but even a very small step towards changing things in your life is a positive step that will impact you in a good way. The recent happenings in Boston as well as things that happen every day in the world can easily bring your spirit down and fester hate. Try not to let that happen and instead be the positive change. Pay it forward and the world will suddenly not seem like such a bad place to be after all! Keep Smiling! :)

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