Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Terrorism close to home

The bombing that occurred yesterday during the Boston marathon was a horrific act of terrorism. It brought back all the emotions of the 9-11 attacks. Boston is only 45 minutes away so that made it equally as stressful. I also personally knew of some folks that were running in the marathon. Once New York City and Washington D.C. were put on high alert I thought of our friends who were vacationing in Washington D.C. As I said when I started this blog, I try to find the lesson and the blessing in every situation and the humor. There is no humor in acts of terrorism. All we can do is put out as much goodness as we can in the world to try to counteract it. What does not kill us makes us stronger. We will rise from this and be united. Hold your loved ones close and count your blessings every day because you just never know. Thank you for reading my blog.

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