Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kindness heals all wounds

As we begin to work towards picking ourselves up from the Boston tragedy, I hear more of the kindness that occurred during and afterward that is happily overshadowing the evilness of it all. From the rescue workers to the good samaritans who immediately responded at the scene, to the fact that the Boston hospitals were able to take on the victims who were injured and care for them, to the volunteers who steadily donate blood for those injured I am filled with great hope that this horrific tragedy will bring about something good in the world. Clearly not the intention of the person who wanted to instill fear and harm in all of us. While it will never replace those lost or the physical and emotional trauma of those injured and their families, I am proud and happy to be part of this state of Massachusetts. We are a strong group of people and we take care of our own. While visiting my mother at the rehabilitation hospital, I also noticed the kindness surrounding her healing process. The gentle nurse who assisted to her needs. Another nurse's daughter who not only visits my mother and speaks Polish to her, but brings her treats to eat. My mother's elderly cousin who brings her Polish food and stops by just to hold her hand. I just know that all of this combined with modern medicine is healing my mother's body and her soul. Whether you are experiencing the effects of a public tragedy or a personal struggle, let us continue to bring more kindness into the world. Keep Smiling! :)

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