Monday, April 8, 2013

Vampires don't smile

In a routine doctor's visit today, I had to have some blood drawn. So off to the lab I went to see the lovely lab lady who never has difficulty getting my somewhat difficult veins to contribute to the cause. She is so nice and usually hums a tune while she works. Unfortunately it was not her day to work and the door opened and this very cranky woman came out and said "get in". Sheesh...someone didn't have their bran muffin this morning. So she goes on to be rude and cranky and asks me which arm I want her to use, to which I reply "My right's my LUCKY arm...haha!" Nothing...not a smirk or a giggle...nothing...Sheesh! So she does her thing and at least to my benefit she was good at what she does so it didn't take long to get the blood and I was on my way. I said "Have a nice day!"...nothing...Oh brother! I checked my cell phone and I had received a voicemail from my husband who said "Sorry to bother you while you were with the vampire..." It made me laugh and then I quickly concluded...Vampires don't smile...maybe she was afraid I would see her pointy teeth! Hmm and we were in a room without no sunshine could get! Maybe next time I will bring her some garlic! Keep Smiling! :)

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