Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's all in the details...

I am one of those detail orientated people and sometimes the attention to detail can get quite overwhelming. However, lately I have embraced the fact that I notice the smallest details of everyday life. It is the small moments and details that matter more than the big ones. Like the fact that while visiting my mother in the rehabilitation hospital, I had brought her a pint of rasberries which are her favorite fruit. In that small moment as she savored each rasberry, we both could forget where she was and why she was there. Last night I saw a man that looked just like Santa Claus. Then there was a day when I drove out of my driveway only to see a goat following a woman jogging (I live in a suburban area not rural). Then further down the road I had to wait because there were wild turkeys crossing the road and then one came at me doing some silly turkey dance. Silly but enough to make me giggle. Usually during the course of a busy day, something will catch my eye and make me smile or laugh. Life becomes more manageable and more interesting when you notice the details. Be sure to notice them. Keep Smiling! :)

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